Informatie Verkadefabriek
Boschdijkstraat 45
5211 VD 's-Hertogenbosch
Kassa: 073 681 81 60
Kantoor: 073 681 81 50

Student discount

Student discount

Discount for Students on movies and shows

Tired of never-ending lectures? Writing SWOT-analyses? Are you in need of an unforgettable night out? At Verkadefabriek you only pay €8 for a movie and €10 for a theater/music/comedy-show. Think about it… that’s a lot cheaper than a night at the bar and for a night you won’t forget.

At Verkadefabriek, you can watch the latest arthouse films, laugh with the best comedians, listen to intimate concerts, experience the newest generation of artists, and drink beer with friends.

Student discounts are only available on the day of the show, if you're 29 or younger. Shop your ticket online and bring your (valid) studentcard or CJP-card to the counter in Verkadefabriek to receive your student discount.  

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